Sunday, July 24, 2011

I can't believe this,

...but apparently, one of my meaningless manips became relevant....kinda.



"Dangerous attitude"??? OMFG I'M SOLD!!!!!

Edit: Oh, and his name is "Bill".

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So this is going to be a random post...

...but still, all Jack related! :D

Do you know this movie?

Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure

LOL I kinda watched it and I can easily say it was bad...and not the good kind of bad. I guess they went for the Dynasty kind of campyness but instead, they made a very weird movie with bad acting and bad...everything. And do you know what bugs me the most? The actor who played Jack Coleman wasn't even credited! D: ...or is this a good thing? I dunno and perhaps, I don't care.

But I care about that fact that he no way resembles Jack Coleman OMG. Look!:

Ohhh the first Steven #2 scene ever...


.....And here's a pic from Kate Flannery's My Space. (A huuuge thanks to for this great find!)


Haha, she doesn't even mention Jack! :D

But OMG what a pic....What a bizarre sexiness. Not talking about Springer, sorry. I don't think I saw a nice pic of Jack from this event before. All I have is some videos with crappy quality. I'm sad that he didn't wear that jacket again. Sexy jacket...Perhaps he did, but it doesn't count if I don't get to see it !

Also: His fingers. Long and....ungh.

In other news, another person I talked on Twitter thought I was a guy. Hah!

The Gift, The Contract...

Yes, Jack's short movie has a new name now.


But it's still a movie about peaches and I still need it in my life.

And here's the trailer OMG:

The Contract - Trailer
from Ryan Goldstein on Vimeo.

I can't stop watching it...I DON'T WANT TO.



UNFFFF. Stop staring. So sexy, it HURTS. The vestitude of sexiness...SERIOUSLY.


...who's the chick....GTFO.  UNGH squinty eyes...


His profile is so beautiful and perfect. Kill me. No, don't. I want to appreciate him more...


OMFG perhaps the sexiest and naughtiest scene of the movie. Jack gets manhandled.


The hair...This messy spikyness is to die for.


And I really do think that guy wants to kiss him. He's like: "WHO ARE YOU??? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME???? ....kiss me already?"


Ohhh peaches....Jack's probably an angel who seduces people using his power of mind...or peaches.




I see you....


OMFG I already forgot about it...Your lips....why you do this....ungfghhhhhhgggfgfgh


Oh myyyyyy...If he looked at me like that, I would have forgotten my reason to exist.


Ohhh so many peach trees...

It was inevitable.

Yep, once I saw the scene, I tried and I tried but I could never unsee it. I'm not feeling very proud of myself right now. Oh well. Stuff happens.


So...more gifs...

This is always going to be one of my favorite episodes even though I was like "NUUUUUUUUU!!!!"" and "YAAAAAY!!!" the whole time I was watching it. Because, you know, he was being a very sexy badass meanie but also, we never really saw him killing a man before, (did we? Well, he tried, but..he was kinda crying..), so I said: "That's it. He's totally going to diiiiiiieeeee this season!!!!" But luckily, Clairebear's blood saved him. Yes, that was quite sexy...I'll discuss it thoroughly on another entry. Oh yes, you know I will...


Ugh.  He's so badass, he knows many different ways to use his gun.


He doesn't even have to talk....A simple head tilt is more than enough to make me melt. But this is so wrong...because he is about to kill a man and I should not be thinking that he is being sexy...Ugh, but I can't help it...Also,  why did he want the Haitian out of the room?


D: D: D:

That was my face when I first watched this scene. And 5 seconds later, I was like:

Also, HRG leaving his fingerprints all over the place? LOL that means he killed the poor guy for nothing?


Here's some info from the NBC press release on The Office Season 7 DVD set:

- Over 100 minutes of deleted scenes including 60 minutes of never-before-seen footage.
- Extended episodes.

The rest can be found here:

The Office Season 7 DVD Buying Guide

Okay, you know why I care about the deleted scenes and extended episodes. We all know some of his scenes got edited out. Right? I hope you do, or I won't like you anymore....Maybe...Ugh, I was kidding....Soooo....this may mean:

OMFG. Over 100 minutes of deletes scenes??? 60 minutes of never-before-seen footage??? Extended episodes??? OMG. I AM ALMOST SURE THESE DELETED SCENES ALSO INVOLVE THE SEXY GAY SENATOR AKA SEXY JACK COLEMAN. D: OMG I bet he even talked in that episode.....You know, the one with the Michael Scott farewell dinner...I bet he talked very sexily...(Also, the episode with his sexy gay pics is in his filmography now. Was he even credited? ) Ugh, how can I find out if there are Jack Coleman scenes in the DVD set???? OMG I'll have to buy the goddamn DVD set, won't I???? Why does life have to be so complicated??? DAMN.

Okay....I calmed down...Let's have a clipping with that creepy Jack pic:


Electric performer? Oh my god, this is sheer brilliance. The one with the kite flying is still more awesome though. That one was A+. And he was so cute in that pic OMG. SO CUTE. Like a puppy. A kite flying puppy. UNGHHHHH.


I tumblr'd this a few days ago, I thought it should be posted here to. :P


Oh yes, I have all the main Heroes figures, plus a sweeeet Phasing Claude one.

In order of awesomeness:

1- HRG (OMG it's really like a mini Jack! Facial bumps an all!)
2- Momo (Very cool. I also have special love for the Momo!purse)
3- Linderman and Hiro.

Peter's not bad and I don't hate the others too, but Niki is bad LOL. I have to say Clairebear is not too good either. Eh, I guess they were trying to make it NOT look like Hayden.

I am very sad that we don't have Nathan and The Haitian. SO SAD.

Okay, this was a useless post but hey, I love action figures! You know why!

...Aaaaand, I have a mini Rock The House review on Zachary Quinto's Biceps. In case you're interested, here it is!:

Jack Coleman Rocks Out In Hallmark TV Movie

Ugh, I watched the movie twice...ish (I was at a wedding when it aired again! D:) and I am still looking for it, if you know what I mean. NO LUCK SO FAR. D: 

I think I'll be posting HRG gifs in a few days. It's been too long since I did that.

...In other news, I don't usually talk about the shows I watch but hey, there is a first for everything!

I've been watching Doctor Who and enjoying it a lot! Right now, I'm watching the second season. Also Psych, this show never fails to make me smile and I sometimes laugh out loud. So, it's good.  Falling Skies? OMG I hated the first two episodes and decided not to watch the third one. Snoozefest. I'm sorry if you're liking it. DON'T HATE ME! D: How come a show about an alien invasion can be this boring? I have no clue. I don't know, maybe it's just me. Trueblood! The new season! I liked it! I can't wait to watch the next episode! Mad Men? Always awesome. Wilfred? A quirky new show and I think I like it. I also started to watch Modern Family and I think I am already loving it a lot. Of course, there is White Collar and OMG, the awesome Game Of Thrones. AWESOME...and pervy. I've been watching (kinda) other shows too, but this is enough for one post, lol.

LOL amazing

Google Translator, stay awesome. Just read this...(linked by   who knows me so well)

Los 6 papás más badass del cine y la tv

In English:

4 - Noah Bennet - Heroes


If there is a character who relies solely on being a parent is this. His whole rationale was to appear in Heroes is father of a mutant. Starts as a villain in the series (hunting mutants) and in fact at first seems rather to watch his daughter instead of being a loving father. But as the series progresses we see who really loves his daughter and all that stuff to hunt mutants do to protect it.

Noah Bennet is a great father who loves his family and is willing to do anything to protect her, the irony is that his family does not see it (especially his daughter Claire) and is constantly attacked and abandoned by his own family who do not understand the world we live. Noah loses everything, he is forced to divorce Claire and hundreds of times longer speak, but that makes it a great father, no matter how often his family refuses, he is still there protecting them.

A Noah does not care how impressive it is ungrateful and foolish Claire, who goes from hate to love him more times than a prostitute sucking a member in one night two weeks, still is there for her and protect her, trying to make her understand the world is not ready to accept the mutants. And of course, Obey and Claire never ends always getting into trouble, causing Noah die even once (though not last long dead, and even why Claire was angry).

...Divorcing Clairebear? More importantly, Clairebear going from hate to love Noah more times than a prostitute sucking a member in one night two weeks?...what. Is this my dream show or what.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think I found new pics on The Gift site.

Vest of sexiness is still making me want to lick the screen. Can I be blamed for this?

Also, I now have a girlier layout. As   put it, it's morally gray....ish pink. Haters to the left!

(Clicking the images will bring up a larger version)


Plus, the sexiness of his RL glasses is to die for. Also, UNFGH his pants. Look at him towering over everybody else. SO MUCH HOTNESS THERE. Did I mention his RL glasses? They are very very sexy.


Awwww fake blood! :D ...touching and close bodily contact. UGHHHHH.


Vest of sexiness is at work.


I'm loving this view too....

LOL okay, thanks to some awesome person, I watched "Rock The House" as it aired. :D It was a cute movie and unsurprisingly, he was very very hot in it...He was singing, playing a guitar, sometimes acting like a cute dork and making emo faces which made it impossible not to think about HRG being all angsty about Clairebear. Apparently the stills weren't lying. Gays and angsty dads. I have no objections. No no, he wasn't a gay dad! ...maybe he was....I dunno.

Also, OMG I want a rewatch!!!!! But I don't have the movie yet. :(  Hey, at least I will have the Getglue sticker with Jack Coleman's sexiness on it! :D YAAAAYYYY!!!! :D But I do need my screencaps...

....Unrelated, I'm about to watch the season finale of Game Of Thrones and I ship it:

OMFG why are you so awesome....WHY WHYYYYY....

OMG there is a new Jack Coleman interview. FLAILING LIKE A SQUID WITH A CAFFEINE DRIP. OMFG.

But first:

Rock The House airs tonight, 9-11 PM, on the Hallmark Channel!!!!!

OMG I found two new stills from this movie:




First he quotes Shakespeare and now plays a guitar? OMG he is so talented....Errrrr, this is not Heroes...and she is not Clairebear.....although that's hard to believe....


Exclusive Interview: Jack Coleman is ready to ROCK THE HOUSE : The actor also talks about the end of HEROES and his OFFICE gig.

It's official: I love Jack Coleman. I know, it came as a shock to me, too...But I have legit reasons for this statement...Let's take a look at them:

AX: You played Danny Zuko in GREASE onstage when you were starting out as an actor. Does this hark back to those days?

COLEMAN: It does hearken back to my GREASE days, actually. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun. I get to sing and play guitar and it’s like a musical, so it’s great fun.

OMG. You and your Grease days. I'm crying now, knowing I will never get to see him in it.

AX: Is it you actually singing and playing?
COLEMAN: I am actually singing and I am actually playing, though most of the guitar work is somebody else. The stuff you hear me playing live on acoustic and some of the stuff on guitar is me, but most of it is a professional guitarist.

OMG. I'm actually loving this....

And this is the answer made me flail the HARDEST:

AX: You’ve turned up in a few guest roles this past season …
COLEMAN: I was on HOUSE, I was on THE MENTALIST, and I’m doing sort of a recurring [character] on THE OFFICE. [On THE OFFICE], I was Angela’s boyfriend and now a state senator who may or may not be gay. I’m just hoping it’s going to be one of those “Guy gets arrested in an airport bathroom” kind of things. If we’re going to make him a state senator with a secret, let’s make it a big dirty secret.

Just.....OMFG. I mean.....Look:

I’m just hoping it’s going to be one of those “Guy gets arrested in an airport bathroom” kind of things. If we’re going to make him a state senator with a secret, let’s make it a big dirty secret.

DYING. What are you saying, Jack...Why would you say such things....WHY....This is pervy....

Okay, we all know the senator is gay and I'm pretty sure Mr Coleman was interviewed in February or March (When was this Hallmark party? OMG I forgot!) so maybe, MAYBE they'll do what he wants...and maybe the gay state senator comes back in the next season and maybe he gets arrested in an airport bathroom while doing adult things and who knows, MAYBE I EXPLODE FOR GOOD. JUST MAYBE. UGHHHHH.

About Heroessss!!!!:

- Nobody quite knew if it was the end or not, so they needed to wrap it up without entirely wrapping it up, and in that sense, I think they actually did quite well. The hard part was, are we going forward? Is there going to be a movie? Will there be more episodes? I mean, I actually think the ending with Claire jumping off [a high perch] and saying, “This is attempt number I don’t know, I lost count,” I thought that was very fitting, going back to [a similar scene in] the pilot, but it’s very difficult when you don’t know if the show’s over or not.

I TOTALLY agree. I thought it was fitting, too, but yeah, it was also a great season opener.

- The different way I would have liked to see HEROES end was to see it not end. I understand it was an expensive show, times have changed, things happen, but had we known that was it, I think it would have been a very different episode. But nobody knew.

UGHHHHH. OMGGG YES. I love that he didn't want it to end. UGHHH. ♥♥♥

AX: In the not-ending ending, your character HRG had a great death scene that turned out to be a, “Wait, I’m not dead” scene. Do you think HRG would have survived an ending where they knew that it was ending?

COLEMAN: Probably not, no. That probably would have been it. And I think it would have been fitting, that his mortality actually brings him down and Claire goes on to survive him.

OMG OMG I AGREE! That's why I was always sure they would kill HRG off if there was a miniseries or a wrap-up movie...Even though I knew what was in store for HRG, I still wanted a mini-series, or a wraup-up movie...DAMN. *has mixed feelings, but still flailing because he is awesome*

AX: Do you sing on your own at home?

COLEMAN: I sing all the time, I always have, I’ve sung on Broadway – I was a singer. I had to get the pipes working again, but that’s always fun.

IN THE SHOWER???? Errr, is it available online? ARGH.

Again, Rock The House!!!!

Mr Coleman is asking the crucial question:




OMG so Jack's really playing the guitar...

This is a behind the scenes moment: Jack sexily practising guitar with a guy. I think he's an awesome student...*nod nod*


Okay, I totally had to gif this again. Because this is in better quality and as you may already know, I needed a better quality Rock The House behind the scenes tongue gif in my life. PHEW. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, JACK??!!


WHAT IS THIS. AAAAARGH. I DON'T EVEN. OMFG this is totally another "badassery move", just like shooting with a sexy gun, kicking an ass, giving a huggage and cracking the nuckles. OH YES.

Also, I'm not even going to imply the naughtiness. No, I won't. Would I?

Rock the House Premieres June 18th on Hallmark Channel!

Writer's Block: Talk of the town

Jack Coleman. My second guest would be Jack Coleman too. Also, my third guest. The fourth guest. And obviously, the fifth guest. You get the idea...

Why? Well, WHY NOT????

In other news:

I WANT THIS IN MY LIFE. Ugh, I'll probably have to wait some time to see this movie but at least I can haz a sticker??? Also, that pic looks even naughtier on that sticker.

Rock The House premieres Saturday June 18 @ 9p/8c on Hallmark Channel!!!!!

Unrelated: Tomorrow: Election day. Ugh, I hope they lose votes this time, at least.

So, let me get this out of my system...

...well, we all know this won't end here, but still...

The first three are from  :


LOL I totally had no idea who Princess Peach was. I thought she was Mabes' creation. Apparently she is a character from the Mario games? I PLAYED DIABLO, DAMMIT.  Or I created HRG and Clairebear in the Sims games and made them do all sort of things. You know, like father/daughter bonding and  sometimes even more....bonding.....dage??  *facepalm*

I freaking love her reaction. It's like, she knows peaches are naughty. And her name is Peach! Oh, the irony.


...and one screencap I will never get bored of. RAWR.  Peach tattoo? I approve wholeheartedly.


Why so serious? I think the extreme goofiness of his shirt is depressing him. Peaches...Not related to badassery AT ALL. D:


This one's from me. I don't even know what I was thinking.

...Because that pic reminded me of something else...


So, I was minding my own business....

...until I saw pics.....of a peach......Jack....Jack and the peach....Jack holding a peach....Jack handing a peach to a man....I think I have an idea  what this movie is about....I think Jack's playing a naughty man who's trying to lure people by using peaches....I don't believe for a second that it's an allegory of life itself ....No dudes, no way....I know what I'm seeing here...


Also, that stare?




PEACHES. They are hairy and juicy and sweeeet. Jack wants you to have one.


UNFGH this is the second pic and I am already unable to function.


The vest of sexiness. The shades. The hair...The shirt...Overall awesomeness...DYING SLOWLY INSIDE....and I am loving every second of it.


OMG. What is this. WHAT IS THIS. Do I even need to tell you how sexy his pose in this picture is? Even though I don't need to, I'll say it anyway: HIS POSE IS SO SEXY I AM CRYING.


OMGGGGGG TEH PEACH. I want to taste it. OMG his eyes....


Is the director asking Jack to lie next to that guy? What a lucky dude...


Those legs....In sexy bootcut jeans...*cries*


Yeah, I can't breathe now, I hope you're happy , Jack. I think the guy is dying too, because apparently neither of us are able to cope with his explody sexiness. I'm not even going to mention a certain body part because this is not helping me at all. All I'm gonna say is: I WISH WE HAD A FULL VIEW. ....maybe it's better that we didn't, because I don't know what I'd do then...


The adventures of the vest of sexiness continue....Did I mention his sideburns? Well, I am mentioning them now. Let's see....I want to lick them, one by one. First the right one, then the left one and if I feel like it, I will lick the right one again...Plus, his nose. It should be licked too.


HNNNGH. I bet these are his own glasses too. ....good, now I can fantasize easily.....WHAT? Shhhhh.




THAT......girl. I am jealous. Actually I am jealous of both of these women. I want to touch nice things like she does...LIFE IS SO UNFAIR I WANT TO SCREAM.


No no, this time I really can't breathe...I'll become a zombie in no time....His tie is a bit short and his legs are still long and I still want to run my fingers through his hair. SO MANY EMOTIONS SO LITTLE TIME.


What is this sexy car? It looks old....Also, I approve how his behind looks.


THIS. THISSSSS. THIS IS THE LAST BLOW TO MY MENTAL HEALTH. HELLO, I AM MENTALLY A ZOMBIE NOW, A.K.A. A MENTAL ZOMBIE. Why you do thisssss, Jack.....why...I was already too had to smile like that, didn't you...WHYYYYYYYYYY... D:


UNGHHGFHFJHHFJJHHFFHHJHHJJGHJGH. BAD SUNLIGHT , BAD....wait...not so bad because it caused him to do the sexy eye squinting.....


I think Mr Clark, who took these pics, was also aware of his extreme sexiness...I MEAN HOW COULDN'T HE BE? 


UGH first the women, now the men.....PEOPLE CAN NOT STOP TOUCHING HIS SEXY SUIT.


Oh....I know something was missing and there it is: HIS BIG HAND.Correction: HIS MANLY, SEXY BIG HAND.


STOP TOUCHING THE SEXY SUIT, DUDE. This must be love at first sight...


I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE PLZ HELP. Now we also have manhandling? D: D: D: WHY GOD WHY. ..also, is it me or do they look like they are about to kiss.....


It's amazing how one fruit can have so many meanings... No, I wasn't looking at Urban Dictionary. I would never do such a thing. I'm a zombie, zombies don't look at online dictionaries....They just stare at the pretty sideburns for hours and hours and hours...


LOL Jack's a total creepster. He's watching the guy through the trees...


I think that guy wants Jack's glasses... Can you blame him?


HAI. Do you see what I'm seeing? HAIIII. How come a blurry pic can be that hot and sexy?


The pants that scream of elegance and style... KJKJKJKJJJJJJJJJJJJ.


As if my head didn't already explode multiple times....I'm pretty sure he is doing this on purpose...This is not an innocent pose...No sir, it's not! I smell conspiracy....He must know how dangerous his overall sexiness is.....HE MUST.


Oh gods, now he's waving his sexy finger around while staring sexily at the camera...WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING, JACK....conspiracy, I tell you!!!!!


I like trees... *is numb*


Look how green it is.... *is very numb*


I need refreshments... *is totally numb*